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Operation Rio Grande addresses perfect storm of public safety issues
State and local leaders developed a targeted, collaborative program to address homelessness, drug and criminal activity spiraling out of control in Salt Lake City
10 commandments for cops after use of deadly force
Getting through the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting requires an extended test of survival skills
Calif. sheriff’s office, school districts roll out new emergency app
Pushing a button dials 911 and alerts other teachers to the presence of an active shooter
Wash. police chief says he won't enforce new gun law
The law raises the legal age to buy a semi-automatic rifle to 21, from 18, and requiring enhanced background checks
Okla. PD aims to recruit more women
Of more than 800 Tulsa police officers, only about 100 are women
Mo. city lays off entire PD
Only the chief remains after all seven officers and five volunteers were laid off
Ala. sheriff accidentally buys 24,000 rolls of toilet paper
The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office mistakenly spent $22K on toilet paper and another $9K for 450 cases of trash bags
Minn. PD is first in state to test new restraint device
The BolaWrap 100 can immobilize individuals up to 25 feet away
Officials identify retired officer as victim of Ga. chopper crash
David Hall, of the Columbus Police Department, was piloting the helicopter that was part of a metro narcotics task force
Texas PD chief tapped to lead Baltimore force
The mayor's spokesman confirmed that she expects Joel Fitzgerald will start working as acting commissioner after Thanksgiving, taking over the responsibilities of interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle


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