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GALVESTON - Here's another one of those stories "for the the books".

A woman reported to Galveston Police she was standing on a street corner in the early morning near the entrance to the University of Texas Medical Branch when she was jerked off the corner by a six foot tall black man, wisked away in his car, taken to a strange place and raped.  Then he dumped her out and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Four days later she decided it would probably be good to report the incident to police, so she called Galveston Police.  Galvston Police kept the report out of reach of the media and unsurprisingly did not issue a press release so that other potential victims would be warned there was a rapist on the streets.

The UTMB posted a blip on it's website but did not send out an email to it's student body alerting them to this monster.

It was not ever posted on the UTMB Police Department's website on the page entitled Crime Alerts.  In fact the last post to that page was in August, 2009. Equally the Galvston Police Department's website where crime incidents were once posted has not been updated since April of this year.

In a story published Saturday the local Galveston newspaper reported that "the incident prompted police to caution those who walk alone near the University of Texas's campus in Galveston where he sexually assault her and released her".  However, that caution was made only after the reporter contacted the police spokesman about the story.

The paper also reported the spokesman was loss for an explanation about the four day delay in the victim reporting the incident to police. The spokesman also didn’t know where the sexual assault happened, whether it was outdoors, in a car or in a house or building and he declined to discuss it any further saying the investigation remained ongoing.

State law provides that police are not required to reveal to the public any details of a criminal case in which the investigation is still underway.  Thus, the term "investigation is still ongoing" is a familiar term to reporters because it is the fall-back reason given when police either don't want to reveal information, have no information to reveal, or use the term when caught off guard by a reporter who knows more about the case that he does.

Then after the reporter got hold of the story, UTMB campus police decided it would issue a warning too, saying people should walk in pairs and report suspicious persons to them.

So what the entire things boils down to is a woman reports to police she was abducted and raped but after waiting four days later to do it.  The police and the university seem to have little interest in it because it was kept under wraps from the media and the public was not warned through the media of a dangerous rapists being on the streets of Galveston.

If, in fact, it was an unfounded report, there would be no useful purpose in the police splashing it all over the media, for the police are aware of how the media can make a firecracker into an atom bomb  It may be a non-story that became a story only after a reporter got hold of it.

These kind of cases are not strange to police.  Some women report phony rapes to them for some of the most outlandish reasons and police have a second sense for them usually.

This case looks like one of those cases.  But it finally go out and gave us something to write about in the paper and on the web.

Breck Porter

What I find interesting about this alleged incident is that since it occurred at the University of Texas Medical Branch why didn't the Galveston Police Department refer the case to UTMB's police department since they have primary jurisdiction?

Forget about public safety, UTMB administration, like school districts, don't like advertising criminal activities that occur on their properties because it is bad for business.
Posted by Nick Elodeon at 1/4/2014 5:30:57 PM

I reportedly happened at 8th and Post Office, off campus and in GPD jurisdiction.
Posted by DPS at 1/5/2014 7:47:08 AM

My comment was based on what I read in the article which says she was jerked off near the entrance to the University of Texas Medical Branch. While 8th and Post Office is near the entrance, the way the article is written leads the reader to think near is a little closer.
Posted by Nick Elodeon at 1/5/2014 9:15:04 PM

I see things have not changed much since 1980 when Henry Shep Hegwood, dubbed the "East End Rapist" was victimizing women around UTMB.
The story was kept quiet for some time. Unaware residents went blithely about their business while this monster staked out their homes for potential victims.
The reward for his arrest and conviction became pretty healthy before he was shot by a local citizen in the process of entering the citizens home. The idiot ran home to Mama who promptly called the police because her criminal son had just been shot by some big bad person.
This ended the reign of terror visited upon innocent residents all because the police chose to keep them in the dark!
Oh, and, by the way, the good citizen who ended this creeps vicious rape career, never received the reward. Apparently, putting a stop to the outrageous actions of Henry Shep Hegwood by shooting him in the arse (true) did not technically qualify as an arrest and conviction in their minds.
Posted by Citizen who did not forget at 1/5/2014 9:32:40 PM

I seem to have been Hegwood's last victim, but fortunately I foiled his plan and got away with a few stitches in my eyebrow. Days later he deflected a kill shot which cut his neck. He jumped out a second floor window during that burglary and ran to his girlfriend's home(quite some distance bleeding as heavily as he was) and she called the ambulance before he bled out in her apt. The next day or so I ID'd his and his partner's polaroid pictures(yes, there were two visiting me)and shortly after the trials started. Many of his victims knew each other, not because he went thru their address books, but just because there were so many. I knew one of them - she had unexpextedly quit a job where we worked together and I later found out she was one of his victims. I testified at one of his hearings and he smiled and leered at the girls as they spoke. The detective who worked with me from the time I had my incident to the point they all cheered as I pointed at the correct pix in the line-up showed me this had eaten at them for a long time.
Posted by past memories at 10/10/2014 7:39:09 PM

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